Reconstruction of agro-chemical plants

  • Reconstruction of the urea synthesis column (OJSC “Acron”, Veliky Nowogorod)
  • Reconstruction of ammonia and urea plants to increase production capacity (OJSC “Azot”, Cherkasy)
  • Construction of a sulfuric acid plant (OJSC “Ammofos”, Cherepovets)
  • Reconstruction of acetic acid production shop - replacement of slam pipes in the column of dehydration (CJSC “Severodonetsk Azot”, Severodonetsk)
  • Reconstruction of nitric acid production shop (JSC “Rovnoazot", Rovno)
  • Replacement of the pipeline in the reformer furnace Plant 1
    (OJSC “Concern Stirol”,Gorlovka)
  • Reconstruction of the urea granulation site OZK 2, participation in the construction of the reverse osmosis water filtration
    (OJSC “Concern Stirol”, Gorlovka)
  • Modernization of phosphate fertilizer production plant
    (OJSC “Voskresensk Mineral Fertilizers”, Voskresensk)
  • Construction of the melamine production plant
    (OJSC "Nevinnomyssky Azot”, Nevinnomyssk)